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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> deadly day for cal train. 2 people killed in just a matter of hours. >> the crashes stranding thousands of commuters tonight. just trying to get home. >> good evening. >> latest fatality happened just after 9:00 o'clock tonight in san francisco where a train hit a man walking on the tracks. >> earlier tonight a woman was killed when her car was crushed by a train in menlo park. >> tiffany wilson is live there tonight with track repair where they are under way tonight. tiffany? >> about those repair are necessary because cal train officials say the car was tossed 40 feet across the intersection and landed open the crossing gate right here behind me. >> sky 7 hd show the car frame crumb pel like a foil candy wrapper from the street the
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wreckage looked even worse. >> none of the front of the car was there it was all shattered. >> south bound express moving 79 miles per hour struck the car at 4:45 this afternoon. preliminary reports indicate the railroad gate crossing was working. >> we are not far from el camino o. right turns red a lot of traffic cars will back up all the way across the track up all the way across the track. what happened is one person stopped on the tracks. >>reporter: crew took out the 30-year-old female driver from the passenger side of the vehicle then rushed her to stanford hospital. she died short time later. >> lacked bad. >> child safety seat was in the back seat but unoccupied. about. >> about 400 passengers were on the train that made impact. while the train suffered significant damage no one on board was injured. thousands of additional commuters dealt with delay. >> waited for 2 hours and still not sorted out. so. >> this evening cal train
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resume service on single track through the area but ravens avenue closed to traffic overnight for repair to the crossing gate n.menlo park tiffany wilson abc 7 news. late this evening out of service cal train hit a person who was on the track interthe 22 street station in san francisco. that person died at the scene. passenger sent thus photo. train service through san francisco is still delayed right now. >> police tonight confirm that 3 men targeted a pot grow house in attempted home invasion robbery that ended with bullet flying. happened at home on case lane in santa rosa. woman 2 young children were inside at the time. the woman exchanged gun fir with the suspect hitting 2 of them. they sped away. police caught up with the men and used tear gas to get them out of the truck. one suspect died from gunshot injuries. one critically wound. police arrested third suspect 2 people from the home on drug charges. >> san jose woman faces charges
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tonight in connection with the murder and she may be linked to more crimes. police say tip led to the arrest of 19 led to the arrest of 19-year-old gabrielle ortiz. they say she is seen in the store surveillance video on the right and using a credit card belonging to murder victim robert hide found dead inside his home last monday. police think ortiz may be part of crime crew that may be associated with this woman known as chrisie accused of posing as prostitute then drugging beating and robbing a man in fremont. >> hard toy manual who could do such a thing but tonight authorities look for whoever stuffed 2 dog in a sand bag and tossed them from a car. dog mother and her puppy found at the end of mint road in watsonville. lillian is in san cruz county with the story. >> this pup appears to be doing better. she arrived at the animal shelter three days ago. after she and her puppy found dumped on the side of watsonville road. starting to
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eat bent she was in the beginning. she was very just wanted to stay in the kennel but now doing a little bit better. >> officers took photo of the dog when they arrived open the scene. discovered the dead puppy next to her. based on the evidence officers say somebody stuffed them in the sand bag and tossed them out of the car. >> definitely treated the animal like gar gang. drove to location in the county which is known to be a dumping ground for unwanted garbage. couches. dryers things like that. >> sand baggies now sealed. the person responsible tied it shut but the dog escaped by chewing her way out of the bag. >> despite the fact she didn't suffer any injuries shelter workers say she still grieving over the loss of her puppy who died of head trauma. she's had a hard time letting go. >> we have the deceased puppy up on the xram table with her and during the entire examination the mother dog would walk away from the vet narn like the puppy then walk back to the veterinarian. >> shelter worker hope to find
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a home for her soon and hope the public can help find them who dumped her and her puppy and why. santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news viewer who saw our story about the san jose fruit vendor killed by suspected drunk driver e mailed me tonight offering to help. riccardo if said in the message he set up a fundraising page to raise money to help the family of 51-year-old hernandez. her nann detz left behind 3 children. his wife was also injured in the crash on saturday. he was very well liked man. we have a link to the go fund me fundraising page on our web site if you would like to help. >> more than 100000 book thrown away as trash. east bay library defended the decision to discard the book to angry residents who showed up at special meeting tonight. alan joins us live from fremont tonight with the story. alan? >> is this is a willy may biography that was pulled out of a library recycling dumpster of
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a library recycling dumpster. only 4 years old. now the alameda couldn't library director says it just wants newer updated book but residents at tonight meeting say older book offer historical value and depth for research. >> i'm the witness. the who found at the time 5 full bin of book that is were discarded >> book that is were discarded >> alameda couldn't public library director says about 172 library director says about 172,000 book were his discarded over the past two years. if forced to make self space after spending about 3 million dollars on new book. >> some things have to go. outdated. worn out. dog chewed them up. coffee staichbility but angry residents at tonight special library advisory commission meeting complained the about too extreme and uncovered thousands of discarded book less than 5 years old. >> this is a wonderful biography of willie may that brought into the library in 2010. this is our collective
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history. >> resident asked why the book that had to be purnled weren't donateed to other country. >> why the county can't work with the city school district even giving book away. i don't understand that. >> moratorium has been placed on throwing away any more book and commission is now reviewing its policy. meanwhile the director says they are now actively looking for more people and organizations who want the books. in free mont abc 7 news. >> the shimmering light that have been installed on the western span of the bay bridge will be turned off next week. cal-trans pulling the plug on the display next thundershowers do heavy maintenance on the bridge cables. they will come become on next year permanently become on next year permanently. >> well for the die hard superbowl fans keeping track we are just 3 48 days until superbowl 50 and levi stadium santa clara but why should the excitement wait. number 50 was display in lights on coyote
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tower. look at the official count down clock on the superbowl 50 web site. fans submitting photo of themself with single digit news. being used as digit on the clock. >> that's cute. >> dating can be awkward. even a little bit scary. really don't know much about the other person. >> that's why single are turning to private investigators and michael is here this is interesting. >> it is. hiring a p i to dig up dirt on the date. more common than you might this is it really worth the money. tonight i show what you one woman found about 3 potential suit or. what were the guys hiding. >> hacker target burning man. how the festival is getting back at the attackers. >> and she's probably wishing they just let her go. why frozen elsa was cuffed and booked. >> temperatures are dropping. it is going to be a cold morning ahead. show you how low the numbers
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sz sz. >> this is interesting. there's a unique consumer service for those single and tired of going out on bad dates or those with relationship issues. >> some people are turning to private investigators for help. mechanical reports on whether this is pricey service actually pays off. >> sounds funny at first but trawl it's not. with so many prospects and so little time why waste your effort on those who won't be a good match. that's the thinking of people who higher private we went along to see if it's worth the money.
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this woman walking through the office of p i services asked us not to show her face or use her real name. the 60-year-old widow recently reentered the dating room. has been pouring over profiles on an on line dating site. >> whole idea of meeting somebody that i didn't know anything about was horrifying. that's when i decided to look into hiring somebody to do background check. >> she wanted to know about 3 people she fond on line. big daddy or mr. d. another man dubbed the sailor. and the third nicknamed mr. wean country. katie hired former police officer jackson to do extensive background check on the 3 men. met jackson at a park doing surveillance for another client. she looks like she belongs in the neighborhood walking her dog. >> woman hired jackson to investigate her estranged husband. because she thought he had a girlfriend.
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>> i was looking for cars that don't belong and people coming in and out that don't belong. >> surveillance lasted three days didn't look suspicious. had a wasn't the case with the background check she did for katie on big daddy sailor and mr. wine country. we were there when jackson shared her results with katie. >> so the first thing i look for that's most important in dating obviously is at the safe dating obviously is at the safe. >>reporter: big daddy has no criminal record. he once owned a home. again-year-old has never been married. that was the deal breaker for katie. wondered why a man that age never married. jackson found out the man dubbed the sailor lives on a boat. he has no property and no mainly assets. not even a are ka. jackson describes him as ghost because she didn't find out much about him. he got a thumb down from katie too. third person mr. wine country was the one katie was i wanted in the most.
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she already knew he owned a wine business. was very successful and was interested in having a long-term realizeship. >> he has been married. it looks like he does have a criminal record. >> oh, great. >> yes. concerning part about this is that it's for domestic violence if. >> so no dates for katie. she says it was still worth the money. jackson charges flat fee of 75 dollars per background check. experts say you should be careful about hiring a private investigators. state regulators say you should make sure they are licensed. >> they have to undergo a background investigation. they have experience requirements in investigation work. >> now if this sounds lucky a good idea to you i have a link to web site where you can check the license of any private investigators to check it got
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to our web site. and if wondering the cost of surveillance it's about 75 to 125 dollars an hour fending on how dangerous the job is. >> depending what you find out it's money well spent. >> definitely is that thanks michael very much. >> all right. well burning man is fighting back. after the festival ticketing system was hacked. according to burning man officials hackers cut to the front of the lean and bought more than 200 tickets. this as 80,000 would be festival goers waited on line for chance to buy one of the 40 for chance to buy one of the 40,000 tickets available. burning man is tracking down the hacked orders cancelling them. individual tickets for the annual event in the nevada desert sold out this year in under an hour. >> more popular every year that event. >> we got a little bit of rain on hot riz perhaps. >> sandhya has more on that. hi. >> hi dan and amma. i'm counting the possibility of every drop later on this week because computer model are back peddling on the possibility of rain. live doppler 7hd showing
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you no green on the screen. it is clear outside. and the temperatures are really coming down. right now 43 degree ins santa rosa. 46 half machine bay. 44 degrees in livermore when you measure the amount of moisture in the air what we look at is dew point. still in the attention around inspect a.23 degree ins san carlos. 26 for the dew point in san jose. with dry air mass like this and the look of wind clear skies are going to see good radiation cooling so by morning temperatures will be bottoming out near freezing. napa santa rosa and livermore mid 30's, 36 in fairfield concord be sure to bundle up. pull out the skavbs and gloves. 41 half moon bay. palo alto 40 degrees san jose santa cruz. being look at how the rest of the condition try doing rate now. morning low are balmy in examiner son. 7 degrees right now in new york. one below cleveland detroit 5 in chicago. you can see the
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chill extends all the way down to the south. 23 in nashville. all right here's the view from the sutro tower cam are. mostly clear sky right now and cold in the morning. mostly sunny the next if you day also. chance of showers coming in friday and saturday. here's the low pressure system brought the showers to southern california. the snow to the mountains there. and the sierra saw snow out of that low. high pressure coming in behind it. with the dry north wind responsible for those wind gust that you felt earlier today and also for the dry air mass in place right now. we are not going to be seen dry conspiracy thursday night in the pacific northwest this low pressure system going to bring in some moisture but as it drops south ward not promising. better chance on sachlts and then it's gone. so very limited in moisture and right now that possibility of seeing any moisture out of this is up in northern california and sierra nevada where they could get some snow saturday sunday. temperatures tomorrow afternoon
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looking like like what we have seen in day past. 68 santa rosa. 65 san francisco. 64 half moon bay. milder than usual. oakland antioch fremont san jose, 66 santa cruz. accu-weather 7 day forecast mid upper 60's with another round of sunshine on wednesday. milder on thursday. we see some 70's there and then cooler breezy friday slight chance of showers friday. chance of showers on saturday. i mean this is just getting to be depressing. we are closing out february and going in march with the possibility of written not looking very good. >> right. thanks sandhya. >> well coming up next on 7 news. it's a good thing he took pictures because no one would have believed this whale of a tale. >> possible record
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jeans. >> look at this expert fisherman the mother lady when he landed this enormous 280 pound interitaly river. he's pretty good at catching big cat fish but even he was surprised when he brought in one measuring almost nine feet. he spent 40 minutes fighting with the fish before he brought it in his boat and took the photo with it. he released it back that the water and says he wants to fight with it again. another day. >> wow! >> people in south carolina having a little fun with the record cold weather. police hear tried to arrest elsa the snow queen from frozen for trying to freeze a fountain. it thaw before submitted as evidence. elsa ultimately sentenced to community service for her arctic antic. stunt the idea of company that provides princess for children birthday parties. >> nice. >> oops. >> pl all right lets talk about sports. >> larry is here with what's ahead. >> no problem concerning ice
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oren clem at weather here or arizona. reports on the giants and ex giants back in a's camp and is madison bring a bull with him to spring training?
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>> good evening. among the brand new a's spring training it's an old a. barry making a come back with green and gold at the age of 36. he spent the first seven years of this major league career with the a's wearing good old no. 75 and jumped across the bay for 6 year run with the giants that included 2 world series title. instrumental in one of them in fact. after one year hiatus he's back trying to make the
11:29 pm
a's roster and spoke with mike in mesa. >> what were your thoughts with the green and gold back on for the first time. >> just all got feelings come back. if large spike putting 75 back on. feels really good. >> if losing sandoval and look of big name free agent signing has a lot of people thinking the giants may take a back seat behind the dodgers and the padres in the nl west. we'll see. giants squad in camp in scottsdale for spring training including the skipper bruce who missed a if you day after procedure on his heart. ticker fine. about madison pitches like last october giants counting on matt to come back strong from elbow surgery and hoping tim off season work with his dad will bring the frequent back in form. jake starting 14 back in form. jake starting 14th year in the major. energize seeing young kid in camp. >> it's fun being around the energy that the youth that we have here in camp the t.always take you become to the first
11:30 pm
few camp and brings back some good memory. >> mike is in arizona covering the giants and a's this week live tomorrow at giants camp in scottsdale on abc 7 news. of bird man won the oscar for best picture. this might be the best picture that comes out of spring training. country boy mad bum posing with the bull for photo in upcoming giants magazine holding an ax not a bat there. would like to clarify something. ankle is fine. his heel kept him out of yesterday game in indiana. the questionable for tomorrow warrior game in washington. curry looked good to go in work out today but the warriors being cautious when it comes to injuries and their star. >> obviously we are going to be careful regardless of what the careful regardless of what theger is if with all of our guys but the particularly with the ankle with steff he's had surgery open it. probably even take extra precaution. >>reporter: nba fit bull buck
11:31 pm
in chi butler the put back with authority. he's a foot over the rim. butler had 11. bull 87-71 victory. nice to do that just once. >> without a step ladder. >> trampoline. >> thanks very much. >> all right. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile did he vase with our 7 news 92 app. >> next newscast at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive.
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don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. 4 a. >> that is our report appreciate your time as always. >> us here thanks for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmel kobe bryant. >> stay tune for. that see you tomorrow. good night.
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. wow, there's so much to talk about tonight. the oscars "the bachelor," kobe bryant is here, chrissy teigen is here kenny g and warren g are here together. guillermo was on the red carpet last night who did you to do? >> guillermo: a scarlet johanson. >> our friends at aflac have a way of doing things called one-day pay that gets your claim approved and paid in a day. they escalate payment and they're also accelerating our commercial breaks tonight. they're making the commercials very, very short. so we have enough time to fit everything in. very short like this door. after you. >> guillermo: thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: there you go guillermo. and i will just -- close that


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